IGS Energy's 2022 Energy Trends Report

2022 Energy Trends Report

What's in store for 2022?

With global energy demand on the rise, significant market volatility, and continued calls to make the shift to a cleaner grid, 2022 will be another pivotal year for the energy sector – and consumers.

At IGS Energy, we keep an eye on the market for trends affecting consumers, whether you’re a businessowner or a homeowner. In the 2022 Energy Trends Report, we explore seven trends we believe will have the greatest impact on energy production and consumption this year (and beyond).

7 trends impacting consumers

In the report, we explore how each of the following factors is driving change, innovation, and calls for action:

  1. The impact of global demand on energy prices
  2. Continued volatility in the natural gas market
  3. The competitiveness of renewable energy
  4. Growth in the electric vehicle market
  5. Calls to modernize the U.S. energy grid
  6. Energy storage innovations
  7. Corporations and the carbon offset market

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