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Frequently Asked Questions

Account Updates for Existing Customers

Don’t see all of your IGS products? Click here to link all your accounts – electricity, natural gas and home warranty. This is also where you can remove accounts if you’ve moved or sold a property served by IGS. NOTE: All products must have been purchased using the same email address. Otherwise, you’ll need to login to either account and update the email addresses to match in order to link all products under one MyAccount.

If you click MyAccount, you’ll notice a ‘Profile’ section. This is where you can update all of your contact information to be sure our records are current.

For your safety and security, a voice recording of your request is required. Whether your account is on a fixed rate contract or on a variable rate, completing the request by phone will take less than 10 minutes. Once complete, you’ll receive a confirmation number with a record of your request to close the account by a specific date. This allows us to waive any early termination fee there may be on the account due to contractual responsibility, and prevents the new resident from using electricity and/or natural gas at that location under your name and responsibility. Please call us at 888.995.0992 to schedule your final meter read, and request transfer to an enrollment specialist to schedule start-up of service at the new address. The state requires a minimum 3 business day notice, and it may take up to 10 days to complete the request. You may schedule a move-out final meter read up to 60 calendar days in advance.

To cancel, call our Solutions Center at 800.280.4474.

To add an authorized user to your account, call our Solutions Center at 800.280.4474.

Product Enrollment/Renewal

After logging in, click Account in the top navigation, and you’ll notice a ‘Dashboard’ section in the dropdown menu. This is where you can see your current rate and usage from last month (if applicable to your product[s]). Simply click the ‘View Details’ expanding bar under each product and you’ll be able to see things like your term (and how many days are remaining in your contract), your Early Termination Fee (ETF) amount (if applicable), historical usage, historical rates, documents and billing history. NOTE: Billing history only applies to Texas customers.

If you’ve recently submitted a new enrollment, there is sometimes a delay while we process your order and update it on your MyAccount dashboard. Please give it a day or two, then log back in and your product(s) should be available for you to view.

If you are up for renewal, you’ll see a ‘View Rates’ button under your applicable electricity or natural gas product. Click the button to see rates in your area. You can also view the rates by going directly to Once you’ve made your decision, simply click ‘Add to Cart’. NOTE: The rates may have changed from when you previously enrolled. We offer 12-month, 24-month and 36-month terms.

To see our most up-to-date rates, visit When you’re ready to enroll, simply click ‘Add to Cart’ and then checkout.

With a fixed price product, you can lock in a specific rate for the term you choose. On the other hand, your utility can only offer one type of product—a variable product. This changes daily based on the market and demand shifts. Click here to learn more. 

Simply go to Enter your invitation code at the top of the page and click ‘Get Rates’. You’ll then be prompted to enter your zip code to make sure the relevant offer is shown.

Home Warranty Details

While on your ‘Dashboard’ you’ll notice a Home Warranty tile that says ‘Make a Service Request’. Click the tile to be directed to our service request form. If you need to report an issue outside of business hours (Monday-Friday, 8:00 AM-6:00 PM, EST) please call our 24-hour emergency line, 877.216.3447, and press 1 for service.

Once homes hit the 8-year mark, critical lines and systems are more likely to fail from years of use. We offer four levels of protection at price points that work with your budget. Click here to get all the details of what each plan protects and how much they cost. 

Please give our Customer Service team a call at 877.216.3447 and a specialist will be happy to assist you.

Billing and Rewards

Under your Home Warranty details, you’ll see a section called ‘Payment Details’. There is a button for ‘Edit Payment Details’ where you can add a new credit card number or electronic check information.

If you click MyAccount, you’ll notice a ‘Rewards’ section. This is where you can check your monthly Fuel Rewards balance and learn more about how you can start saving at the pump. If you are not yet enrolled in the Fuel Rewards program, you can do so here.

If you click MyAccount, you’ll notice a ‘Pay My Bill’ section. This is where you can submit a payment and see any overdue bills.

Understanding your utility bill is not as confusing as you may assume. There are three primary things that encompass your bill. By understanding these items, you're empowered to make even more informed energy choices. Click here to learn more. 

To request a communication by mail or email, such as contract details, call our Solutions Center at 800.280.4474. Or, for instant access, click the product tile in MyAccount and select ‘Documents.’