Protect What Makes Your House a Home

    No one expects a broken water line to greet them when they come home after a long day. But, it happens more often than you may think—and can lead to a big price tag and the hassle of coordinating with a reputable contractor to get it fixed. Plus, most homeowners insurance doesn’t cover critical lines and systems when they fail. This is when having a home warranty plan is everything.


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    Watch our quick video about how home warranty can protect you and your budget when critical lines and systems need repairs.

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    We've Got You Covered

    Having an issue with something in your home? We're here to help.

    Is the Time Right for a Home Warranty?

    Home is where life happens and memories are made. Don’t leave everything you value to chance if something fails. Over time, with all the strain you put on your home’s pipes, wires, and systems, things fail from normal wear and tear, particularly if your house is over 8 years old. After years of light switches being flipped, AC units running nonstop during scorching summers, and countless loads of laundry, those lines and systems are pushed to the breaking point in an older home. That’s where IGS Home Warranty comes in.

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    Protection You Need

    Once homes hit the 8-year mark, critical lines and systems are more likely to fail from years of use.

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    Price You Want

    We offer four levels of protection at price points that work with your budget.

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    Peace of Mind You Deserve

    With every plan, just contact us and we’ll take care of coordinating with a credentialed, local contractor to get things taken care of.

    Our Contractor Network

    We coordinate service with our carefully selected network of certified, local contractors. Our home warranty contractors are:

    Licensed, bonded, and thoroughly screened
    Paid to do the job right, and with attention to detail
    Professional, friendly, and efficient


    Home Warranty Line Break

    30 Days No Obligation

    Are you on the fence about the value of home warranty protection? Should you decide to cancel in the first 30 days, you can receive a full refund of any payment, provided that no service requests have been made.

    Home Warranty: By the Numbers

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    The More You Bundle, the More You Save

    We’re committed to creating a meaningful energy future by offering plans that help you protect the critical lines and systems that make your house a home. And when you bundle with one of our electricity products, you’ll save even more. The more products you bundle, the more you save. Each one lowers your electricity price with us!


    Explore Partnership Options

    Interested in discovering what partnership could mean for your business or utility? Discover the benefits of working with us.

    Interested in Learning More?

    Check out our Frequently Asked Questions to quickly find out more about how home warranty protection works.