Top Residential Solar Questions

Photovoltaic (PV) cells are grouped to create a solar panel, which converts sunlight into DC (direct current) energy. Inverters then convert the DC energy into AC (alternating current) energy so it can be used by the electric grid.
No. They are not the same, but they both supply power to your home. Since the power produced by the solar panels may not make up all of your usage, your utility produces the rest of your power when the panels are not producing, for example, at night time when the sun is not out. In other words, IGS Solar and your utility company are separate, but together they produce electricity to meet your needs.
No. IGS Solar’s systems are tied to the grid, meaning that if utility power goes out, the solar panels will not provide electricity to your home (for safety reasons).
Today, solar costs typically costs less than traditional electricity in many markets. And since our installations require $0 upfront, you may pay less for the power you use starting day one.
Absolutely! In fact, we’ve seen that solar-powered systems tend to improve a home’s value. IGS Solar is willing to work with you to transfer the PPA  and monthly payments to the new owner, as well as provide any prepay or buyout options if your contract is applicable.
Each home is unique. From the power you use to the space you have to generate it, there are many factors that go into your solar plan. Our solar experts will work with you to create a plan that best fits your needs.

On a monthly basis, you will receive:

Utility bill – includes any standard monthly connection charges and fees as well as a charge for any additional electricity you need beyond what your solar PV system has produced

IGS Solar electronic invoice (via email) – includes charges for the power generated at the price per kWh listed in your PPA (also contains your monthly solar payment summary and due date information)

Contract Questions

A PPA, or Power Purchase Agreement, is your contract with IGS Solar to purchase the energy coming from the panels. With this contract, you will not incur the cost for the panels, installation, and ongoing maintenance.

There are several options. We can remove the panels for you at no cost, you can extend your contract, or even purchase the panels at the conclusion of your contract.

No. With a solar lease, you agree to pay a fixed monthly rent payment to use the solar PV system. However, under IGS Solar’s PPA, you only pay for the power produced at an agreed-upon cost per kWh.

- If you have a PPA with an escalator, the price per kWh will increase by a certain percentage (beginning after the first year and each year thereafter).

- If you have a flat rate PPA, your cost per kWh will remain asstated in your PPA.

As part of the PPA, there is a 25-year System and Damage Limited Warranty and a 5-year Roof Limited Warranty.
Yes. Timing varies by state. Your solar representative can share state-specific details.
No. However, IGS Solar will file an informational Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) filing with the appropriate Secretary of State and/or County Recorder’s Office (as applicable) for the solar equipment, which simply identifies IGS Solar as the PV system owner.
If the repairs aren’t covered by the Limited Warranty, or you need to remove the solar PV system to complete renovations, you agree to hire an IGS Solar-approved service provider to complete any such repairs and remove and reinstall the system, at your expense.

Ownership Questions

You may qualify if you meet these requirements:

• You agree to and sign the PPA

• You are able to prove that your name is on the property title as owner

• You pass a credit check and meet IGS Solar’s requirements

You will pay the greater of the minimum purchase price or fair market value (FMV), at the time of purchase which will be calculated by a third-party independent appraiser. IGS Solar will provide a bill of sale for the system and hardware, and transfer any remaining manufacturers’ warranties. As of the bill of sale date, you are completely responsible for the system.
Beginning with the 5-year anniversary of your contract (and each annual anniversary thereafter), you have the option to purchase the system, provided you are in compliance with the PPA.

Operation Questions

Ideally, your home should have a sunny, obstruction-free roof that is able to support the panels.
Through net metering, excess electricity generated by the solar energy system is delivered back onto the grid. As a result, you receive a net metering credit. Please note that credits vary by state.