Building More Sustainable Communities

Community is one of the fastest-growing solar development segments in the country, and for several good reasons.

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Boosts Opportunities

Creates tax revenue

Employs local labor force

Puts unused land to use

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Delivers Sustainable Power

Demonstrates tangible commitment to renewable energy

Low participation threshold

Businesses and residents share solar output

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Provides Energy Savings

Available via utility program

Savings distributed based on usage of each participant

Solar benefits remain in local community

States with Community Solar Programs

Today, there are several states with incentive programs that are creating great opportunities for community solar, including Colorado, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, and Minnesota. If you're located in one of these states and have interest in developing projects with us, contact IGS Solar today!



Solar Line Break

How it Works

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Community Power

Community solar farms generate clean energy and deliver it to the local utility’s electric grid. Members of the community subscribe to purchase their energy from the power generated by the farm.

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Same Wires

Because the solar array is routing power to the utility,  community energy is delivered the same way. No complicated wiring or expensive equipment to install.

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Get Some Credit

IGS Solar distributes a portion of the solar energy credit to each enrolled home or business based on the monthly output from the farm.

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Get Some Savings

Customers keep a percentage of the net metering credit. Savings may vary based on the output of solar energy farms.

Explore Your Solar Opportunities

Solar offers tremendous benefits, from achieving better long-term price stability to supporting a sustainable energy future. Please provide your of area(s) of interest below to get started.