Commercial Solar Solutions

Solar energy is a great fit for organizations spanning a variety of industries and usage profiles. We bring solutions within reach without the complexity or capital expense. Our projects range in size from up to 500 kW to nearly 20 MW, and all are customized to our customers' needs.

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We help you keep the focus on your business while you go solar with no capital required.

Meet sustainability goals
Reduce utility expenses
Visible commitment to sustainability
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We convert tax credits into a lower rate for your business, allowing you to go solar with no capital required.

Reinforce your mission
Stabilize energy budget
Build brand with stakeholders

Which Option Is Right For You?

We will work with you to develop the right system type and size to meet your facility's needs. All installations are owned, operated, and maintained by IGS Solar to maximize the benefits to your organizations.

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Roof warranties not affected by installation

Minimal roof penetration

Offsets building usage

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Built on your site

Puts unused property to work for new purpose

Demonstrates tangible commitment to solar

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Provides covered parking

Makes use of unused space

May help reduce parking lot maintenance costs

Our Process

We provide a solution to your long-term energy savings with our simple energy contract. When you enlist us as your solar partner, we’ll work with you to design a solar energy system that maximizes your savings potential. You can rely on us to lead you through every step of the process with complete transparency.



Explore Your Solar Options

Solar offers tremendous benefits, from achieving better long-term price stability to supporting a sustainable energy future. Please provide your of area(s) of interest below to get started.