Frequently Asked Questions

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    Commercial Solar
    The ideal facility should have a sunny and obstruction-free roof, a large open field nearby, or a shade free parking lot free to host a solar project.
    IGS Solar is with you every step of the way. We believe that solar power is a large part of the future of energy and to prove this, we make the initial investment in your panel system. You pay IGS Solar for only the electricity generated by the system. We are responsible for the initial design, construction, and installation, as well as the maintenance and billing over the lifetime of the system.
    A PPA, or Power Purchase Agreement, is a long-term contract (15-25 years) between IGS Solar and you. In keeping with our commitment to offering clear and transparent contracts, you can trust that you are agreeing only to purchase any power your system makes. In exchange for this, IGS agrees to own, finance, develop, and maintain the photovoltaic system for the life of the PPA. IGS ensures all state and federal registrations and tax rules are accurately completed on behalf of your business. In short, PPAs offer businesses a quick and easy path towards the benefits of solar: zero capital invested, no maintenance responsibility, significant energy savings, and a reliable energy source for your business for many years to come.
    IGS Solar’s team will evaluate the property (rooftop, ground, and canopy potential), the region’s climate, and the average daily electricity demand of your business to determine optimal expectations. With these factors in mind, IGS targets each system to achieve 60-80% of the total electrical consumption of your facility.
    IGS Solar works with local, experienced solar installers to ensure the highest quality solar power solutions. Our partners have a proven track record of installations in your region and understand what’s required to install in your area. By using local installers, we ensure that our partnerships also help to stimulate local economies.
    As an IGS Solar customer, you can look forward to lower electricity costs with respect to the amount of power generated by the solar system and the price of electricity within your utility footprint. However, since the energy market is unpredictable and utility prices are anticipated to steadily increase, your IGS Solar PPA is designed to save you money over the life of your contract.
    You will be billed monthly by IGS Solar for the solar power generated by your system.
    Absolutely! Solar photovoltaic technology has been in commercial use since the 1950s and is more advanced and efficient today than ever before.
    There are no moving parts with solar power solutions and any maintenance required is something IGS Solar will cover at no additional cost to you.

    We offer three options:

    • IGS will be happy to remove your panels at no cost

    • The PPA can be extended to continue your service for another 5-10 years with IGS Solar

    • You can purchase the system at any time after the first six years.

    Community Solar
    Community solar arrays are large, centralized solar projects that allow participants to receive the financial benefits of solar without having to install panels directly on their own property. The power produced is delivered to the local utility, who then allocates energy credits to program participants based on monthly output from the array.
    Community solar gives residential and commercial customers within the target area the opportunity to utilize this sustainable energy source. Any resident or business in the correct geographical footprint can take advantage of the solar power generated by the array. This includes renters, those with unsuitable rooftops or poorly-sited properties, and any individuals hesitant or unable to build a system of their own.

    • The energy savings that come to community solar customers are the same as with any solar project.

    • Customers with unsuitable rooftops or poorly-sited properties can participate as long as they are within the same geographic footprint as the utility hosting the solar array.

    • Since the solar array is off-site at a remote location, home and property aesthetics are completely unaffected.

    • There is no long-term commitment. You can enjoy the financial benefits of community solar for as long or as little as you want.

    • Community solar allows you to be engaged in the development of a cleaner and more sustainable energy future.

    There is no upfront investment or community solar membership fee required for participation.
    Not at all! IGS Solar customers can enjoy the benefits of community solar for as long or as little as they desire. As a program participant, customers receive a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) which guarantees allocation from the solar array on a month-to-month basis. There are no cancelation fees and customers may cancel at any time by delivering written notice at least 60 days before the effective date of termination.
    Savings vary based on the size of your electric bill and the amount of power generated by the solar array each month.
    The IGS Solar team will evaluate your electrical consumption to determine your optimal share of the array’s production. In most cases, a range from 60 to 80% of annual electric utility consumption can be offset by the community array.
    No. IGS Solar handles any and all insurance, management, and maintenance needed by the community system.