A Connection You Can Count On

Just as you rely on Collective Underwriters to connect you with valuable tools and services, they look to IGS Home Warranty to help homeowners protect the utility lines running inside and outside their homes. A simple call or online service request is all it takes for warranty customers to get the service process started with IGS Home Warranty and their reliable, local contractors. IGS Home Warranty helps you get back to the life you love without the hassle or unexpected expense.



Picks Up Where Homeowners Insurance Leaves Off

When a utility line fails due to normal wear and tear, who do you call? Unfortunately, many discover when it’s too late that homeowners insurance typically doesn’t cover these costs. In other words, if your water line fails due to normal use, you might be surprised to learn that the expensive repair costs and coordination with a contractor are not covered by your standard homeowners insurance plan.


We protect you from failures due to normal use, frozen pipes, corrosion, deterioration, settlement, and material defects.


Your Home, Your Lines

You are responsible for the sewer lines, water lines, electric lines, and gas lines* inside and outside your home, and homeowners insurance doesn't typically cover these.


Two Levels of Protection to Meet Your Needs




Protects your inside water, sewer, electric, and gas lines. 

Our lowest cost plan!




Protects your inside and outside water, sewer, electric, and gas lines.*

Protects 8 major lines inside and outside your home!

Why Utility Line Protection?

After years of normal wear and tear, those hardworking lines inside and outside your home take a toll. And homeowners insurance typically doesn't cover it. Meaning you are left with the hassle and cost to get things back to normal.

With a plan from IGS Home Warranty, this gap in protection is bridged when you're faced with an unexpected line failure.

*Limitations apply. Full details of protection are in the Service Agreement.

In areas where outside gas is not already covered by your utility.