LED Lighting

    LED technology offers countless advantages over traditional options. In fact, it’s 75-90% more efficient and lasts up to 25 times longer than the system you likely have now.

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    Our Program

    IGS Energy offers businesses like yours the ability to harness the advantages of LED lighting without the challenges of selecting and coordinating with contractors for design and installation. Through our manufacturer neutral approach, we partner with a variety of quality manufacturers to develop solutions and select products to help deliver the greatest ROI to your organization.

    Count on IGS Energy to help you navigate all phases of the project to reap the benefits—both today and in the future.

    How It Works

    Our simple four-step process is designed to keep things streamlined—every step of the way.

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    Discuss your unique requirements and conduct site audit accordingly

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    Perform comprehensive savings analysis, provide estimate, and design specifications

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    Present proposal for your review to include rebate administration

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    Complete contract and facilitate installation

    Benefits of Our Program

    By retrofitting your facility with LED lighting, you can help reduce your overall electricity consumption. You can rely on a variety of perks, such as:


    Maximize utility rebates

    Our registered trade ally relationship with utilities means we manage this detailed process on your behalf so you can focus on your core business



    May help fulfill your facility's LEED specifications or support specific sustainability goals


    Interior Lighting

    Clean design

    Enhanced control and interior design flexibility through increased light levels and custom color temperatures 

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    Balanced Family Academy

    Central Ohio Daycare Center

    IGS Energy completed a full lighting audit for this daycare center in Columbus, Ohio, and identified annual savings potential of over $3,000 with the installation of LED lighting. IGS Energy financed the project. By partnering with an experienced installer, the system was complete in only one day by minimizing operational disruptions. The energy-efficient system is expected to last nearly 20 years. In fact, using LED lighting, annual energy consumption is estimated to be reduced by nearly 19,000 kWh.


    We're Here to Help

    We don't believe in high-pressure sales. That's why we work with our customers to ensure they understand their options when it comes to LED lighting. Connect with one of our energy experts today by entering your preferred contact information below.