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    Our Impact

    We own and operate over 100 solar sites and have helped organizations across the country save on long-term energy costs. We’ve also reduced negative environmental impacts, and continue to create meaningful opportunities for businesses to go solar. In recognition of our efforts, we were proud to be recognized as the 5th largest commercial solar developer of 2017 by GTM Research, and our Cuyahoga County Landfill project in Ohio was noted as Solar Builder’s 2018 Project of the Year.
    Statistics current as of January 2020.


    Solar Offerings

    In an unpredictable energy market, stabilizing your costs is important. Favorable tax incentives and the dramatic decline in technology costs make the case for going solar stronger than ever.

    Building with roof-mounted solar panels

    For Your Business

    Community solar farm

    For Your Community

    Solar panels for utilities and municipalities

    For Municipalities

    Lease your roof space for solar panels

    Lease Your Site

    Development Partners

    We proudly work with developers nationwide, by co-developing and purchasing existing projects. Our third-party model allows us to own, operate, and maintain projects on behalf of our customers, while also creating long-term relationships with our partners.


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    The Benefits

    Beyond the obvious environmental advantages, our simple energy contract makes going solar rewarding for individual businesses.

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    Simple contracts

    Benefit from our easy-to-understand, short PPA or lease, which is all it takes to go solar.

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    No upfront costs

    Avoid capital expenses - we own and operate the system.

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    No maintenance costs

    Avoid unforeseen charges - we maintain the system.

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    Secure energy price stability

    Protect your business from unpredictable prices over the long-term using our agreements.

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    Build reputation and achieve sustainability goals

    Position your business as environmentally-friendly.

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    Benefit from tax incentives

    Take advantage of tax incentives - we'll help you leverage the benefits.

    The Solar Process

    Solar panels are photovoltaic (PV) cells that convert sunlight to electricity. These are connected to an inverter, which transfers the power to your electrical panel. In some cases, a net meter is installed, which tracks production levels in real-time, and is linked to the existing utility meter. The solar system is producing more power than needed when the utility meter runs backward, in this instance, the power is sent back to the utility.


    Choosing a Solar Partner

    When it comes to choosing a solar partner, there is a lot to consider. At a minimum, having a dedicated sales and support team available, a nationwide network of qualified construction and maintenance partners, and extensive experience in power markets will help you narrow the field. As a trusted company with more than 30 years of experience, we have a strong focus on sustainable energy management. Consider partnering with IGS Solar, a trusted and experienced commercial solar provider.


    Explore Your Solar Opportunities

    Solar offers tremendous benefits, from achieving better long-term price stability to supporting a sustainable energy future. Please provide your of area of interest below to get started.