IGS and Hull Begin Construction on New Energy Savings Project at the Dublin Community Rec Center

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    Dublin, OH - IGS Generation, a sister company of IGS Energy, and Hull Energy, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hull & Associates, Inc., recently began installation of a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) system at the Dublin Community Recreation Center in Dublin, Ohio.

    As development and ownership partners, Hull and IGS Generation are installing an MTU reciprocating engine provided by WW Williams. The engine will generate 248 kW of continuous electrical power. It will be fueled by natural gas and will provide 60 percent of the power to the Center over the next 15 years. This system will utilize the waste heat from the engine to provide 60 percent of the hot water needed to heat much of the Dublin Recreation Center in the winter and the pools year-round. By using one fuel source to make two energy sources, the CHP system is nearly twice as efficient as traditional power generation.

    “In general, CHP systems are nearly 90 percent energy efficient, by capturing the waste heat that is created by the generation of electricity and using it for onsite heating needs, such as hot water, creating steam, or powering chillers,” said Scott White, CEO and President of IGS Energy. “By generating power near the point of consumption, capturing the waste heat, and taking advantage of renewable resources, we’re using energy in a smarter, more sustainable way.”

    “We are excited about partnering with IGS Generation and Hull to reduce our energy costs,” states Michelle Crandall, Dublin’s Assistant City Manager. “This CHP solution is being provided with no capital costs to the City, and is expected to save us $20,000 in energy costs over the next five years. It negates the need for our boiler replacement, which will save us approximately $70,000. The CHP system also provides backup power during a power outage, which will be a benefit to us and our guests.”

    “Through our relationship with IGS, we were able to offer the City of Dublin the opportunity to implement an energy-efficient project that reduces overall operating costs without requiring an up-front capital investment,” said Hull CEO Craig Kasper. “The ability to find creative ownership and financial solutions is critical to developing our growing portfolio of energy projects, and we are especially proud to have collaborated on a project here in the community where both of our companies are corporately-based.”

    “Hull and IGS have been exceptionally helpful guiding us through this process. Their team is remarkably dedicated to providing customers with an alternative source of energy generation, and with their long-term pricing options, this system is definitely a win-win for both of our companies,” states Crandall.

    CHP utilizes a variety of renewable and fossil fuels, and can be quickly and cost-effectively deployed with few geographic limitations. These systems can displace traditional power sources with significant increases in energy efficiency, resiliency, and independence.

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