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Understanding Generation Capacity & Capacity Tags
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Capacity helps generators understand how much power they need to provide to the grid to ensure that electricity is always available to consumers. You can actually affect your organization’s usage during the highest peak load hours, which is known as a capacity tag.

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Understanding Energy Market Cycles
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Just like the stock market, timing is everything when it comes to energy, too. While there are always exceptions, typical cycles can lead to price fluctuations with natural gas and electricity.

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How Much Electricity do Christmas Lights Use?
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Many of us are guilty of leaving our lights up longer than we should, but just how much are your holiday lights costing you in electricity consumption and energy costs? We’ll give you a few facts to help you calculate the energy costs of keeping your house in the holiday spirit.

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4 Power Outage Solutions for Businesses
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Powering up the office printer. Flipping on the lights. Cranking the AC. A few of the many daily activities requiring power that we all take for granted at the office every day. But what happens during a power outage, or even worse, a natural disaster that compromises the grid for an extended period of time? Do you have a power outage solution for your business?

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