5 Solar Innovations That Could Change the Future
    Sun hitting a solar panel array)

    The sun is the fastest growing energy source in the world. It is the most abundant energy source mankind can access, and scientists and engineers across the globe are constantly discovering new and better ways to take advantage of it. Here are some newly innovative solar products being worked on today:

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    Our Top 7 Tips to Go Green at Home
    House surrounded by greenery )

    Many go green tips focus on lifestyle and shopping decisions. But by expanding clean living to your everyday energy use and home design, you make an even bigger impact.

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    How Much Did Your Christmas Lights Cost in Energy Costs?
    Decorated Christmas tree next to a fireplace and decorated mantel)

    Many of us are guilty of leaving our lights up longer than we should, but just how much are your holiday lights costing you in electricity consumption and energy costs? We’ll give you a few facts to help you calculate the energy costs of keeping your house in the holiday spirit.

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    How much energy does my business use?
    How much energy does my business use)

    As a business owner, understanding your expenses is an important part of streamlining your business. By knowing what you spend on energy, you can make a few changes to your energy usage and reduce your operating costs and your business’s impact on the environment.

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