Join the First Baptist Church of Glenarden

    Go solar with the First Baptist Church of Glenarden to help advance their mission in the community and gain more control over your long-term energy costs.

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    How It Works

    Together with IGS Solar, the Church has recently installed a solar array and is now producing power at their main campus in Upper Marlboro. They invite parishioners, family, friends, and community members like you to use renewable energy at home, too. With every successful homeowner solar enrollment, the First Baptist Church of Glenarden will receive $500.

    IGS Solar and their installation partner, Trinity Solar, make the process easy and seamless. We’re passionate about creating a more sustainable energy future, which is why we use a simple energy contract to help you go solar.

    Ready to Explore Your Options?

    If you’re a homeowner with a credit score of at least 650, please complete the form below. A representative from Trinity Solar will be in touch to discuss your options.

    *By submitting your information, you agree that a representative from Trinity Solar is permitted to contact you to discuss solar energy for your home.