Solar for Energy Service Providers

Across the country, municipalities and energy service providers are contributing to a brighter energy future by providing opportunities for their residents and area businesses to go solar—without needing to install any special equipment.

When it comes to large-scale solar, it’s all in the details. From licensing, to installation and ongoing maintenance, having the right partner to manage it all is everything. As a turn-key provider, IGS Solar has the expertise and commitment to support your goals.

Commercial Solar On Bell Tower


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Why Are Energy Service Providers Going Solar?

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Shift in Customer Preferences

Residents and businesses want to see more renewable options from providers

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Advance Position in New Energy Economy

Energy service providers of the future will manage, dispatch, and moderate power, beyond simply providing it

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Economically Beneficial

Solar is increasingly becoming less expensive than other traditional sources, resulting in cost savings

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Regulatory Environment is Changing

Resource diversity & desire to have balanced generation portfolio

How It Works

Because we believe in the future of large-scale solar solutions, we’re committed to keeping the process simple and rewarding for municipalities and energy service providers. With our simple energy contract using a Power Purchase Agreement, energy service providers can better protect long-term power costs for customers.



Explore Your Solar Opportunities

Solar offers tremendous benefits, from achieving better long-term price stability to supporting a sustainable energy future. Please provide your of area(s) of interest below to get started.