What is a Nest E Thermostat?

    Nest Thermostat E

    The Nest Thermostat E is a worthy investment. Programmable thermostats make it much easier to control your energy usage, but a Nest can actually learn your behavior and adjust accordingly. At IGS Energy, we see the incredible value that a Nest Thermostat E provides, and that’s why we offer it at no cost to customers who select a fixed monthly electricity rate.

    But how exactly does the Nest Thermostat E save you money?

    More control over your temperature means more control over your bill.

    The Nest Thermostat E learns your schedule. It knows when you’re inside your home and uses its Auto-Schedule function to adjust the temperature to your desired comfort level. It also knows when you’re out of your home and uses its Eco function to save energy while you’re away.

    The Eco function allows you to set your high and low temperature threshold. Should your home’s temperature reach your highest temperature, the Nest will turn on your air conditioner to take it back down below that temperature. Should it reach the lowest temperature, the Nest will turn on the heat to bring it back beyond that temperature.

    Because the Nest is constantly learning which temperatures you prefer throughout the day, you don’t have to worry about adjusting the thermostat to remain comfortable.

    Mobile power allows you to manually adjust your Nest Thermostat E settings from anywhere.

    Though the Nest’s Auto-Schedule and Eco functions work through Home/Away Assist, you’ll undoubtedly have days where you leave or get home at different times. You can adjust the temperature with your mobile device and override your learned settings from anywhere.

    Additionally, the mobile app provides you with regular reporting to help you understand where you’re already saving electricity and how you can optimize further. Learn more about how to use these features and increase your smart thermostat savings.

    The Numbers behind the Nest Smart Thermostat Technology

    Since 2011, the Nest Thermostat E claims to have saved nearly 14 billion kWh of energy at the time of this post’s publication. Within those electricity savings, heating bills were reduced 10-12% and cooling bills 15%. 

    Learn more about how you can get a Nest Thermostat E at no cost to you