How to Read Your Utility Bill [VIDEO]

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    Energy bills. You probably take a quick peek every month to see what you owe.

    Even if you look closely at your bills, there could be a few things you’re unsure about. There are some differences in how utility bills look. But whether you use electricity or natural gas, there are three things you’ll find on all bills.

    With electricity, there’s a charge for generation, or what it costs to produce power and make it available to buy. With natural gas, this charge is called production.

    You’ll also see your rate and how much power or gas you’ve used during the billing period. If you’ve chosen a supplier, you’ll see their name here.

    Finally, your bill includes separate utility charges for transportation and distribution. These are the charges to bring power or gas to your home or business.

    The more you understand about your utility bills, the more empowered you are to make informed energy choices that protect your budget… and our world.

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