How much energy does my business use?
    How much energy does my business use)

    As a business owner, understanding your expenses is an important part of streamlining your business. By knowing what you spend on energy, you can make a few changes to your energy usage and reduce your operating costs and your business’s impact on the environment.

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    What Makes Natural Gas the Cleanest Fossil Fuel?
    A clean energy natural gas pipelines)

    Daily energy consumption and its impact on the environment directly correlates with the source of the energy. A greater percentage of environmentally-impacting energy comes from fossil fuels – coal, oil, and natural gas. While all fossil fuels impact the environment in some way, natural gas is cleaner and more efficient than oil and coal.

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    What Are the Top Natural Gas Advantages?
    Natural Gas Line in a field)

    With a variety of energy sources available for consumption and use, knowing the benefits of each is important in being a smart energy consumer. Here are four facts to help guide you through the advantages natural gas use has over other energy sources such as coal or oil.

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