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The Benefits of Home Automation
Person Activating Their Home Automation Devices)

Did you know your home can be smart? Or maybe you’ve heard that term, but still aren’t sure how it impacts you. For starters, a smart home is equipped with devices like a smart thermostat and smart lights that can “learn” how you use your home.

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Save Energy at Home: 3 High-Impact Solutions
Nest Smart Thermostat hanging above a row of houseplants )

There are plenty of ways to conserve energy in your home. Making small adjustments to your energy usage can undoubtedly add up to bigger savings. But there are some larger projects you can take on that will turn some even larger savings.

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Sustainable and Renewable Energy: What's the Difference?
A map of the world made with greens)

The planet—this great, blue orb we all inhabit—is surprisingly fragile. Sure, it’s made of durable stuff like rock, but there are other ways in which the Earth is susceptible to damage. We are all consumers by nature, and the resources we need to live– like electricity, oil, and natural gas — are limited in supply.

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