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How Can I Reduce My Electric Bill in the Summer?
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Running the AC at full blast might bring comfort on hot days, but nobody likes the high utility bills that typically follow. Let’s look at how to better manage your electricity costs this summer—while staying comfortable!

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What is this outlet with test and reset buttons?
RS.EN.BG. What is this outlet)

The GFCI outlet was designed to measure the power flowing in and out of the plug to make sure there is a balance. It measures electrical charges as small as 5 milliamps for any variation and when it finds a difference, the outlet “pops”, or breaks the flow of electricity.

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Is Your Home Energy Efficient?
Surge protector with multiple plugs)

Are you surprised to learn that your hair dryer uses more energy than your refrigerator or washing machine? Using energy efficient appliances and making a few small changes can make a huge difference in your monthly energy consumption. Read on for more surprising details.

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How much does my electricity cost?
RS.EN.DG. How Much Does My Elec Cost)

Reading an electricity bill can be a confusing process. Understanding kilowatts, how energy is measured and billed, and which household appliances are using electricity can make it challenging to grasp how much you're spending.

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Take a Fresh Look at Your Energy Bill This Spring
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Spring is here, and it's time for a little tidying up - of your budget. Follow these easy tips to help make your home more energy efficient and prepare yourself for even warmer temperatures in the months ahead.

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