Our 2040 Commitment

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Hello friends,

Our climate is changing.

We see the news regularly and see the effects of the climate crisis – wildfires, severe weather, drought, rising sea levels. The science is real: greenhouse gases that trap heat and make the planet warmer are increasing due to human activity.

We ponder our own role. What can we as individuals do to make a positive difference? Will it be enough? Will it make a difference?

I lead an energy company – one that’s sold natural gas and coal-generated power for many years. In 2018, electricity production accounted for 27% of greenhouse gas emissions in the US. I’ve been coming to terms with what my responsibility to fight climate change is for the past several years.

A few years ago, I got involved with the Conscious Capitalism movement. Through that movement, I saw other CEOs and business leaders affecting positive change by challenging the status quo. I realized that, while the challenge is different and bigger, this is how I’ve always approached our work at IGS Energy. We think about what’s best for all our stakeholders over the long run. It became clear to me: businesses like IGS Energy can and should be a force for good. IGS Energy needed to go green, for good.

I’ve come to realize that my responsibility is to give our customers the chance to be a part of the solution in fighting climate change. The opportunity, however, is to step out in front, to challenge the status quo and to be a leader in this space.

That leadership begins now.

I believe we’re both capable and obligated to help lead the fight against climate change. We now call it out in our company beliefs, and we state it in our company purpose. Creating a “healthier planet” guides everything we do and every decision we make.

To inspire bold action among our employees, we adopted the ambitious goal of achieving net zero emissions by 2040. Our goal of becoming net zero by 2040 means that over the next 20 years, we will work to reduce the direct and indirect emissions from our operations and products as much as possible and offset any remaining emissions through the purchase of carbon offsets. This will require prioritizing sustainability in our approach to making decisions about our products, our operations, and our business overall. You can read more about our approach to achieving net zero here.

This is just the beginning of our collective journey, of “going green for good.” And it represents just the first of many announcements we plan to make in the future about new products and services and ways to connect with our consumers to protect the planet for future generations. But it’s a very important one!

It's what the world needs and it’s what we believe in. Together, we can all help build a sustainable energy future for a healthier planet.

Let’s go green for good.

Scott White

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