Life at IGS Energy: Meet Anthony Walls

IGS employee Anthony Wells

You can't have a great workplace without great people.

At IGS Energy, we're lucky to have a tight-knit community of people dedicated to building a better future for our customers and our planet. In this article, we're highlighting one of those team members, Anthony Walls.

Anthony joined IGS Energy in 2018 as a member of our claims team, supporting our home warranty customers. Since 2019, he's been a member of the IT department. As an information technology support administrator, Anthony and his team make sure (and he says!) that our systems are "up-and running and looking good."

Before joining the company, Anthony, who has a background in music theory, composition and production, ran his own company.

Here, Anthony shares a look at life at IGS Energy.

Why did you decide to join IGS Energy?

The thing that excited me most about joining IGS was the culture. Sharmae is like sunlight all the time – just the happiest person ever. (Note: Sharmae Howse is one of IGS Energy's "owners of first impressions," greeting all employees and guests when they walk through the door.) It was a really welcoming company from the very start when I came in for my interview.

What's the best part of being part of the IGS team?

The people. IGS is really intentional about who we hire – and finding people who fit the culture. That's not to say it's an exclusionary workplace – it's the opposite. We have a welcoming culture focused on collaboration and supporting one another. And our people really uphold that culture.

What's a typical day as an IT support administrator?

My team supports the big initiatives for other employees across IT. We're at the heart of everything, because we keep things up and running and looking good.

There's some amount of spontaneity to my day. I start out in the morning planning the day, reviewing IT updates, addressing what didn't get done the day before and making sure I'm available for any needs within the company.

Recently, I emceed our all-staff meeting featuring our president and CEO Scott White. I was initially asked to man the cameras, but I have experience emceeing events at church, so that was a great opportunity to do something a little different than the day-to-day job duties.

As you' seen IGS Energy grow, how have we held onto our strong culture?

We've focused on initiatives like DEBI (our diversity, equity, belonging and inclusion action plan), launched IGS Communities (our version of employee resource groups) and, most importantly, had employees drive and manage that work and those groups.

The culture at IGS is driven by the people, but it's also demonstrated by our leadership team. They live the values.

What's your top IGS Energy memory (so far!)?

First and foremost, it was getting my chance to join the IT team. I have somewhat of a background in IT, but nothing formal. I've learned on the go, and it's been great to have the opportunity to do that. Secondly, our 30th anniversary party in 2019. And lastly, the first time I met Scott (White) in our cafeteria. He's very down-to-earth, and we had a great conversation over lunch.

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