How to Have an Energy Efficient Business This Winter

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    Winterize Your Business and SAVE!

    It doesn’t matter where you live, winter time can bring some major adjustments to your energy bill. Whether it’s cold temperatures, an increased amount of lighting, or just more people frequenting your business, your bill might look a little different. And even if you don’t notice a fluctuation in usage or price, it’s a great time to check in to make sure you’re as energy efficient as possible.

    1. Seal leaks, gaps, and drafts around the building.

    You probably have a pretty good idea of where there are leaks and drafts in your building. But if you want to do some more investigating, just grab a stick of incense and pick a cool and windy day. Shut off all of your appliances that move the air, close all doors and windows, and place the incense stick near any points of leakage. You’ll be able to see the smoke swirl to tell you that there is, in fact, a leak. Then, depending on where it is, gather your tools to seal the leak and stop the drafts!

    2. Have your heating system serviced.

    It is recommended that gas furnaces are serviced once a year, though ideally both in spring and fall. Reach out to a professional, who will check and clean parts of your heating system that commonly malfunction, like the air filter, fan, pilot light, and the heat exchanger.

    3. Be smart with your lighting.

    Whether it’s holiday lighting, security lighting, or just regular lighting, because the sun goes away earlier and earlier, being smart with your lighting can be a crucial energy saver.

    • Install energy-efficient lightbulbs and holiday lights.
    • Invest in motion-activated light switches for the rooms in your building that aren’t used as frequently.
    • Place timers on holiday lighting displays.

    4. Install a temporary vestibule.

    If you have a storefront, and your main door opens when the temperatures are frigid outside, installing a temporary vestibule can keep some of the cold air from rushing through your door. It’s also helpful when the snowflakes and raindrops are falling and the winds are blowing.

    5. Hang portieres in open doorways.

    “Portieres” is just a fancy name for floor-to-ceiling drapes hung between rooms. And though they’re kind of an old tradition, they work really well if you want to keep drafts from hallways or unused rooms out of your warmer spaces.

    Wanna protect yourself from wear and tear to your heating system…and your home’s lines, pipes, and wires?

    make your business energy efficient this winter