Natural Gas and Electric Rates: 5 Factors Impacting the Home
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    Have you ever looked at your utility bill and wondered where the price you pay for your energy comes from? Depending on where you live, what time of year it is, and what’s going on around the world, the price of your natural gas and electricity can fluctuate. Learn about five factors that can drive that pricing:

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    The Story Behind IGS Energy Home Energy Consultants
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    By building personal relationships with customers in the communities where we live and work, our door-to-door approach allows us to make sales that we feel good about because we helped customers make the right decisions for them.

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    Is it time to lock in a Natural Gas Rate?
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    It’s easy to forget about high natural gas bills from last winter. But as this winter comes closer, it’s time to think about the natural gas you’ll use and the price you’ll pay for it.

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