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How Can I Reduce My Electric Bill in the Summer?
Profile of a fan blowing ribbons)

Running the AC at full blast might bring comfort on hot days, but nobody likes the high utility bills that typically follow. Let’s look at how to better manage your electricity costs this summer—while staying comfortable!

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How to Improve your HVAC System: 3 Tips
Husband and Wife Outside their home)

This article is written by Kent Knuth, founder of Knuth, LLC, a full service heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration maintenance company. Consider these 3 things to get the most out of your HVAC system:

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One Homeowner’s Story on Home Warranty
A broken, leaking water pipe)

Read time: 4 minutes “It was great to know that I could lean on IGS Home Warranty, and Ryan, for this situation. Because of their help, our family was spared a lot of grief and money at a time when we really needed it.” - Jimmy

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What are Home Warranty Plans? | IGS
Contractor working on exterior utility lines)

Most homeowners insurance doesn’t cover utility lines or HVAC system failures. What can you do to cut this potentially costly situation off at the pass?

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