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How to Keep Your House Warm in Winter
Socked feet warming by a fire)

As winter temperatures start to settle in, you might be ready to crank up the heat. Unfortunately, though, keeping your home warm in the dead of winter often means a higher energy bill.

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What Is Energy Choice?
Hanging light bulbs with one lit)

Energy deregulation is the reason that you can shop for an energy provider in the first place. It gives you the power to switch your electricity or natural gas supplier in states where energy deregulation has occurred.

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How much does my electricity cost?
RS.EN.DG. How Much Does My Elec Cost)

Reading an electricity bill can be a confusing process. Understanding kilowatts, how energy is measured and billed, and which household appliances are using electricity can make it challenging to grasp how much you're spending.

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PJM Price Formation: Why It’s Important to Understand
CI.EN.BG PJM Price Formation (1))

As a Regional Transmission Operator (RTO), PJM is an independent organization that oversees the wholesale electricity market serving the following states: Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, and D.C.

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One Homeowner’s Story on Home Warranty
A broken, leaking water pipe)

Read time: 4 minutes “It was great to know that I could lean on IGS Home Warranty, and Ryan, for this situation. Because of their help, our family was spared a lot of grief and money at a time when we really needed it.” - Jimmy

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