Solar on Your Site

    If you’re a property owner, you could be sitting on a great opportunity to be compensated in the form of a lease payment for hosting a solar energy system on your unused land or roof.

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    For Community Solar

    Generate revenue while creating visibility and support for solar in your area

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    For Utility Programs

    Collect lease payments while supporting utility solar programs

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    For Your Tenants

    Create another value stream while providing savings to tenants

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    For Your Business

    Collect steady lease payments while saving on your energy bills

    Why Participate?

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    IGS Solar is responsible for the solar array—we install, own, operate, and maintain the system at no cost to you. We sell the energy directly to the utility or to customers, while you collect regular lease payments for the use of your facility.

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    Steady Revenue Stream

    By simply having a solar energy system installed on your roof, your business receives a quarterly lease payment from IGS Solar in exchange for the use of the space for 20 years.

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    Positive Image with Customers

    Participation in the program helps to promote your business as socially and environmentally-responsible to your customers and prospects.

    How It Works

    We’re committed to helping businesses capitalize by leasing unused property to IGS Solar for solar energy systems without risk. Through our streamlined approach, we handle all phases of the project on your behalf—you simply collect lease revenue for participating.


    Explore Your Solar Opportunities

    Solar offers tremendous benefits, from achieving better long-term price stability to supporting a sustainable energy future. Please provide your of area(s) of interest below to get started.