IGS Launches New Website for Energy Customers

Release of new IGS.com website

IGS.com dedicated to enhancing awareness of consumer energy options

DUBLIN, OH December 3, 2018
– In the spirit of continuing to deliver exceptional customer experiences, IGS is excited to announce the launch of their new website, igs.com. The new and improved site emphasizes a user-friendly and more intuitive experience—from understanding purchase options and how the energy industry works, to customers’ management of their online accounts. The site is dedicated to increasing understanding and awareness of residential and commercial consumer energy options.

Since 1989, Scott White, president and CEO, and his family have continued to build the Dublin-based company on a foundation of trust and transparency. Today, that transparency is evident throughout the new site. For example, it’s now quicker and easier than ever for web visitors to get a sense of other customers’ experiences before they choose the energy company’s services, by reading through their online testimonials.

“The way we've structured the user experience is driven by our purpose : To build a meaningful energy future together,” says White.

“Together—as a team and through our new website—we worked hard to make the new website one which communicates the importance that not only we, as a business, play in the future of energy, but also the role that our customers play through the decisions they make about their energy choices. It’s our job to educate them on what we do and how we may help them to explore the solutions that make sense for their home or their business.”   

IGS also worked to focus on removing the confusion about energy, and help consumers feel truly empowered by their options. The emphasis was placed on education throughout the entire site, because—as Doug Austin, executive vice president and chief sales officer, explains, —“We firmly believe that an educated customer is our best customer.”

The new site is reflective of the time, care and effort the company dedicates to their customers and their overall experience. From their in-house customer care team, to their residential teams, to their long-term commercial customers, IGS believes in investing in relationships that will help them to live out their company’s purpose.

And to connect to that purpose, it all goes back to making energy easy to understand and personal, explains Brandon Childers, chief marketing and technology officer, IGS.

“We know that the energy industry can be confusing, but choosing your supplier should not be. We wanted to make it easy for web customers to quickly understand what products and options are available—and what make sense—for their budgets, their families, their businesses and their day-to-day lives,” he says.

About IGS Family of Companies

With nearly 30 years of experience in the energy industry, the IGS family of companies provides the following to over one million customers across the country: natural gas, electricity, and home warranty products; power generation solutions off the grid; clean, domestic alternative fueling options; and solar solutions. The company focuses on empowering consumers to make choices that best fit their energy needs.


Media contact: Teresa Ralston