Creating the Future of Energy

    Over the past 30 years, IGS has made great strides in the energy industry. In the spirit of continued innovation, and led by our corporate purpose to build a meaningful energy future together, IGS Labs was established in 2017 to advance IGS' position as a customer-centric, product-driven leader in the industry.

    Since its inception, IGS Labs has launched multiple product lines, established key strategic partners, among other successes.

    Our Core Competencies

    With the expertise of the IGS Labs team and those across the organization, we bring a unique set of core competencies to the industry.


    Tech Scouting, Research, & Training

    We view the world with a sense of curiosity and a beginner's mind mentality. This lens helps us identify what may be in the future an industry disruptor and opportunity for IGS.

    New Product Development

    As outlined in our process below, we follow a rigorous vetting, testing, and integration process to ensure a stable approach to seamlessly adding new products, services, and even acquired companies, into our offering and organization.

    Internal Gap Analysis

    We connect the dots, propose new skill capabilities, and closely partner with individuals across IGS, to optimize different product offerings in unison.

    Partnership Development

    Throughout IGS' 30 years in business, we've been fortunate to foster strong industry and customer partnerships. Both these long-term relationships and new partnerships allow us to support success today and tomorrow.

    Our Focus Areas

    With innovation as one of our core values, we’re inspired to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the energy industry. We want to drive a more sustainable energy future, and our areas of focus all support this overarching goal.


    Energy Storage

    Solutions to capture and utilize energy.

    Renewable Energy Generation

    Sustainable options for a cleaner energy future.

    Demand Controls

    Innovative solutions to adjust usage for greater grid reliability.

    Energy Monitoring

    Driving energy efficiency by harnessing usage data.

    Energy Efficiency

    Solutions to reduce energy consumption without sacrificing output.

    Our Process

    Discover > Design > Deliver

    Using a combined approach of design thinking and customer-centric methodologies, we are highly nimble and adaptive. Opportunities usually iterate, pivot, and develop into something even more suitable than originally envisioned.