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1-60: 60-65 bottles of minor healing potion can make alchemy be leveled up to 60. Material: silverleaf (60-65), peacebloom (60-65), empty bottles (60-65)

60-80: 20 bottles of minor fortitude potion can make alchemy be leveled up to 80. Material: earthroot (40), peacebloom (20), empty bottles (20).

80-100: 40 bottles of blackmouth oil can make alchemy be leveled up to 100. Material: oily blackmouth (80), empty bottles (40).

100-120: 100-120: 20 bottles of underwater breathing potion can make alchemy be leveled up to 120. Material: blackmouth oil (40), stranglekelp (20), empty bottles (20).

120-130: 10 bottles of lesser mana potion can make alchemy be leveled up to 130. Material: mageroyal (10), stranglekelp (10), empty bottles (10).

130-150: 20 bottles of fire oil can make alchemy be leveled up to 150. Material: firefin snapper (40), empty bottles (20).

150-160: 10 bottles of elixir of firepower can make alchemy be leveled up to 160. Material: fire oil 20, kingsblood (10), leaded bottles (10).

160-195: 40-45 bottles of greater healing potion can make alchemy be leveled up to 195. Material: liferoot (40-45), kingsblood (40-45), leaded bottles (40-45).

195-205: 10 bottles of swiftness potion can make alchemy be leveled up to 205. Material: stranglekelp (10), goldthorn (10), leaded bottles (10).

205-215: 10 bottles of greater mana potion can make alchemy be leveled up to 215. Material: khadgar's whisker (10), goldthorn (10), leaded bottles (10).

215-235: 20 bottles of major healing potion cam make alchemy be leveled up to 235. Material: khadgar's whisker (20), sungrass (20), crystal bottles (20).

235-250:15 bottles of elixir of arcane can make alchemy be leveled up to 250. Material: blindweed (15), goldthorn (15), crystal bottles (15).

250-300: 30-35 bottles of greater elixir of swiftness can make alchemy be leveled up to 275. Material: sungrass (30-35), goldthorn (30-35), crystal bottles (30-35) Total material: silverleaf (60-65), peacebloom (80-85), earthroot (40), mageroyal (10), stranglekelp (40), kingsblood (50-55), liferoot (40-45), khadgar's whisker (30), goldthorn (65-70), blindweed (15), sungrass (50-55), blackmouth (80), firefin snapper (40), mountain silversage (20-40), dreamfoil (20-40), plaguebloom (20).

300-315: Volatile healing potion Material: golden Sansam (20), felweed (20), imbued vial (20).

315-330: Invisibility potion Material: ragveil (40), felweed (20), imbued vials (20).

330-350:Super healing potion Material: dreaming glory (40), felweed (20), imbued vials (20).

350-375: Major dreamless Sleep Potion Material: dreaming glory (40), nightmare vine (40), imbued vials (40).

375-380: Ironshield potion Material: ancient lichen (20), motes of earth (20), imbued vials (10).

380-385: Potion of nightmares Material: talandra's rose (20), goldclover (10), imbued vials (10).

385-390: Elixir of mighty strength Material: tiger lily (20), imbued vials (10).

390-395: Elixir of mighty fortitude Material: goldclover (40), imbued vials (10).

395-415: Indestructible Potion. Material: lichbloom (10), icethorn (20), imbued vials (10).

415-425: Runic Mana Potion. Material: linchbloom (20), goldclover (10), imbued vials (10).

425-435: Insightful Earthstorm Diamond. Material: mithril ore (10), Huge Citrine (10), Eternal Fire (10).

435-440: Skyflare Diamond. Material: mithril ore (10), huge citrine (10), eternal fire (10).

440-450: Flask of the frost wyrm. Material: linchbloom (50), icethorn (50), Frost Lotus (10), enchanted vials (10).


Currency Orders Completed: 985,691
Total Gold Delivered: 1,123,257,044

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