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Account ID: AB11110303

Game World of Warcraft - EU Server: Bladefist - GB - Horde
Level: 85 Price: €242.68
Details: 3*85
Average Item level:370
2/5 T12,11 Level 378 Epics and so on
Health: 119465, Mana: 99815
Talent: Elemental/Restoration
Achievement Points: 3525
Professions: Engineering: 525 / 525
Jewelcrafting: 511 / 525
Cooking : 300 / 525
Mounts: 9,Black Drake Mount, Bronze Drake Mount, Swift Green Wind Rider and so on
Companions: 9,Mr. Chilly, Perky Pug, Sinister Squashling and so on
Alt: Level 85 Troll Shadow Priest, ilvl 362, 525 herbalism, 525 mining
Level 85 Goblin Enhancement Shaman, ilvl 361, Alchemy 540, Herbalism 525.
Character Information:

For full Skill & Talent Listings, check the tabs at the bottom of the character screen!

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